Albuquerque Weapons Charge Attorney

Representation and Protection if You are Facing Criminal Charges

While you may have a constitutional right to carry a weapon, there are certain times and places where carrying a weapon, such as a firearm, is prohibited. Furthermore, there are certain people whose right to carry has been revoked.

When a person breaches one of the laws regarding the possession of weapons in the state of New Mexico, he or she can be charged with unlawful possession or unlawful carrying. These charges should be taken seriously, as a conviction could have a severe effect on an individual’s future. At the Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr. , our weapons charges lawyer in Albuquerque can help you to understand the charges against you, and your options and defenses.

Types of Weapons Charges in New Mexico

There are many weapons charges and weapons-related crimes for which a person could be charged in New Mexico. Our experienced criminal defense lawyer is well-versed in all of the following and can provide you with the qualified legal representation you are looking for:

● Firearms possession by a felon;

● Unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon;

● Unlawful possession of a handgun;

● Negligent use of a deadly weapon;

● Dangerous or negligent use of explosives;

● Unlawful possession or transportation of explosives;

● Possession of explosives; and

● Violent crime charges that involve weapon possession, including assault, battery, manslaughter, murder, etc.

If you have been charged with any of the above, or any other crime involving a weapon, call our lawyer for a free consultation.

Building a Strong Defense Against Weapons Charges

Our lawyer can help you to understand the charges you are facing, the potential consequences of a conviction, and viable defenses that are available to you. These defenses might include lack of knowledge, self defense, lack of evidence, lack of intent, and more.

It is important to arm yourself with a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Weapons charges range in classification from petty misdemeanors (unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon) to third-degree felonies (dangerous use of explosives). Of course, the charges are more severe if harm to another person results.

The consequences for a conviction include possible prison time, a large fine, probation, and more. Of course, a mark on your criminal record can also affect your ability to secure housing or employment.

Work with a Skilled Albuquerque Weapons Charges Lawyer Today

If you are facing weapons charges in Albuquerque, the worst thing that you could do is plead guilty to the charges without seeking legal counsel first, or attempt to represent yourself in a court of law. Instead, your first move should be to call a qualified Albuquerque criminal defense attorney who has experience representing clients in a position similar to yours.

At the Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr., our talented criminal defense lawyer is ready to take on your case. For a free consultation with Attorney Ed Chavez , please call our law office today or send us a message. Ed has more than 30 years of experience representing clients facing serious criminal charges throughout New Mexico.