Victims of Gun Crimes

There are dozens of different ways in which a person can suffer an injury when otherwise going about daily activities in Albuquerque: Car accidents and slip and falls, for example, are especially common. One of the accident and injury types that is most unexpected, and often most fatal, involves gun violence. At the Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr. , we are passionate about helping victims of gun crimes in New Mexico understand their options and bring forth legal claims for compensation.

Gun Violence in the United States

Gun violence in the United States is a serious problem, and part of the issue is gun ownership. To be sure, data shows that more than 40% of Americans own a gun or live in a household with a gun; in fact, America is the top civilian gun-owning country. For every 100 residents in our country, there are 120 guns. The next highest country on the list is Yemen, where there are approximately 50 guns for every 100 residents.

In a single year in the United States, there were more than 11,000 deaths as a result of murder/manslaughter involving a gun. 64% of all homicides in the U.S. that same year involved a gun. During a different year, the National Institute of Justice reported that over 450,000 people were victims of crimes committed with a firearm.

Of course, many gun-related crimes do not result in death, but do result in serious injuries, including:

You Deserve to be Compensated

Guns are used against others in Albuquerque in a variety of ways - drive-by shootings, drug deals gone bad, domestic violence situations, premeditated murders, acts of terror, and other criminal acts gone wrong (i.e. burglary). If you are a victim of gun violence or have lost a loved one to gun violence, our New Mexico injury lawyer believes that you deserve to be compensated for your:

When you call our team, we will thoroughly investigate your case to determine who may be liable for your injuries. In addition to the shooter, other parties who may be liable include:

Call Our Experienced Gun Violence Lawyer for Representation You Can Trust

Innocent victims are sometimes on the receiving end of gun violence, and when they are, their lives can be changed forevermore. If you have been shot and have suffered injuries in Albuquerque, or if you are the surviving loved one of a victim of gun violence, please do not hesitate to reach out to our skilled, passionate gun violence and personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr. Gun violence is unacceptable and tragic, and when it occurs, responsible parties need to be held liable for the damage they have caused.