Swimming Pool Accidents

When you or someone you love is a victim of a swimming pool accident, Albuquerque injury attorney Ed Chavez, Jr. helps you hold responsible parties accountable.

Swimming is a popular and fun activity in New Mexico. Over the summer months and at any time of year, adults and children alike enjoy taking a dip at public pools, resorts, and recreational facilities. Unfortunately, swimming at these types of places does pose some inherent dangers. As an experienced Albuquerque injury attorney, Ed Chavez, Jr. represents clients when injuries happen. You can count on Ed to hold property owners accountable when their reckless and negligent actions cause swimming pool accidents to occur.

Cases Involving Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming seems like such a harmless and fun activity. Like any form of recreation, though, it is important to ensure the proper safety procedures are followed. Pools at local hotels, at various resorts where you vacation, and at recreational facilities are all required to follow certain rules and regulations to ensure swimming pool guests are kept safe and protected.

The New Mexico Environment Department issues yearly permits for places that have pools. However, accidents and injuries can still occur. As an experienced Albuquerque swimming pool accident attorney, Ed Chavez, Jr. represents the family members of victims of accidental drownings, as well as people who suffer injuries due to the following:

  • Slip and fall accidents on slippery pool decks;

  • Cases of chemical burns due to the levels of chlorine and other substances;

  • Near drownings, caused by a lack of proper fencing or other safety precautions;

  • Electrocutions, due to nearby wiring or malfunctions;

  • Injuries suffered due to diving boards, ladders, or slides;

  • Illnesses due to contaminated or dirty water;

  • Hot tub accidents caused by overly hot temperatures.

When the above types of swimming pool accidents happen, the damages you suffer can be severe. To protect your rights in seeking compensation, get Ed fighting on your side.

Get the Compensation You are Entitled to for Swimming Pool Accidents

In addition to fatal or near fatal drownings, swimming pool accidents can result in soft tissue injuries, broken bones, dislocated joints, and potentially severe back, neck, and head injuries. As an experienced Albuquerque swimming pool attorney, Ed Chavez, Jr. helps to hold property owners accountable when these types of injuries occur.

Under the New Mexico Statutes, you may be entitled to compensation through a premises liability claim for swimming pool accident injuries you or a family member suffer as a result of a property owner’s negligence. This may include compensation for the following:

  • Current and future medical expenses associated with your injuries;

  • Lost wages while you recover and compensation for future lost income due to ongoing disabilities;

  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish caused by the accident.

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