Albuquerque Negligent Security Injury Lawyer

When Harm Befalls You Because of Negligent Security, You Deserve to be Compensated

Criminals are often not particular in who they target. A robbery, break-in, mugging, sexual assault, or violent crime can affect anyone. That being said, there are numerous things that are useful in deterring and preventing crime. Unfortunately, sometimes a lack of security is the ultimate reason that a crime is able to be committed.

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What is Negligent Security?

Property owners in New Mexico have a duty to ensure that their properties are kept in a reasonably safe condition; this includes providing a reasonable amount of security. In the event that the injury of a property’s “guest” would not have occurred but for a lack of reasonable security, the property owner may be held liable for damages. Negligent security falls under the umbrella of general premises liability law.

What is Considered “Negligent?”

What is considered to be negligent for a property varies on a case-by-case basis, although negligence is the failure to act with a reasonable degree of care. However, what is “reasonable” for one property may be unreasonable for another. For example, a club located in an area of town where rates of crime are high may have a higher duty to provide security, such as a security guard and cameras, than does a luxury apartment building located in a part of town where the crime rate is low. In general, some common types of security that property owners may be reasonably expected to provide include:

  • Adequate lighting;

  • Security/motion sensor lighting;

  • Locked doors and secure entryways;

  • Fences and secure gates;

  • Video monitoring and recording; and

  • Security guards.

This duty extends to private and public property types, including hotels, grocery stores, retail stores, clubs and bars, restaurants, apartment complexes, and more.

What You Need to Prove in Order to Hold a Property Owner Liable for Harm

In order to hold the property owner liable for the injuries that you have suffered--including bodily harm, property losses, or/and emotional/psychological trauma--you will need to prove that the property owner failed to:

  • Reasonably foresee a crime;

  • Reasonably provide security based on the risk of crime; or/and

  • Reasonably provide warnings to visitors in order for a visitor to avoid being a victim of a crime/suffering an injury.

You must also prove that you would not have suffered any injury or harm but for one of the above failures.

How Our Lawyer can Help

Winning a negligent security case can be difficult, as you must prove that the property owner knew or should have known of the security threat/threat of crime and failed to take reasonable action to prevent such crime from occurring. When you work with our negligent security lawyer at the Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr., you improve your chances of a successful case, and your chances of maximizing your compensation award.

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