Albuquerque Construction Zone/Roadway Accidents Attorney

In some ways, construction zone car accidents are like other car crashes. Some form of driving impairment causes most of these incidents. Yet in other ways, construction zone accidents are unique. Different laws, such as lower speed limits, often make negligence easier to establish in these cases.

Regardless of the underlying legal theory, the aggressive legal team at the Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr. uses the same basic approach. We start by collecting evidence and making sure that you quickly see a doctor. Once we thoroughly evaluate your case, we do not let up until we obtain maximum compensation for your serious injuries.

Your Claim for Damages

Albuquerque is no longer the sleepy little town that it was for most of the 20th century. The area is growing rapidly, so many roads are almost constantly under construction. One would think that the nearly nonstop activity would make drivers more aware of construction zones, but sadly, that is usually not the case.

When workers are present, a lower speed limit applies, along with some other safety measures, such as yielding to construction workers. When drivers ignore these rules and cause crashes, it is easier to establish negligence. It does not matter if the victim was a non-worker. The same rules apply to everyone.

Other times, driver impairment causes a car crash. Some common types of impairment include:

  • Alcohol : This substance clouds judgement ability and inhibits motor skills. Drivers need both these functions to operate their vehicles safely. Typically, impairment begins with the first sip of alcohol.

  • Drugs : It is illegal, and dangerous, to drive under the influence of any drug. That could be an illegal street drug, a prescription painkiller, or even certain over-the-counter medicines.

  • Fatigue : Alcohol and drowsiness have the same effect on the brain. They both impair both motor skills and judgement. In fact, driving after 18 consecutive awake hours is like driving with a .05 BAC.

Other types of impairment include distracted driving and driving with a chronic medical condition, like epilepsy, which may cause a sudden loss of consciousness.

Damages in a negligence case usually include compensation for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

What to Expect in a Bernalillo County Construction Zone Case

As mentioned, getting to a doctor is usually the first step in a negligence case. In catastrophic injury cases, such as spinal cord injuries, these costs may exceed $1 million. Typically, health insurance companies refuse to pay these expenses.

Fortunately, an Albuquerque personal injury attorney can connect victims with injury doctors, even if the victims have no money or insurance. Additionally, an attorney negotiates with medical providers to obtain lower fees. So, victims keep more of their settlement money.

But the fight for fair compensation does not end there. Once medical treatment is at least substantially complete, attorneys send demand letters to insurance companies. If liability is reasonably clear, insurance companies have a legal duty to settle the matter quickly.

Unfortunately, many cases drag on, and it becomes necessary to file legal paperwork. Most of these cases settle out of court. That settlement could occur almost immediately, or it could take several more months.

Connect with a Tenacious Attorney

Construction zone accidents often cause serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque, contact the Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr. Home and hospital visits are available.