Albuquerque 18-Wheeler and Semi-Truck Accidents Lawyer

If You Have Been Injured in an Accident Involving a Big Rig, Our Albuquerque Truck Accident Attorney can Help

Albuquerque is a big and busy city. Indeed, in order to accommodate for industry and the large population in the metro area and surrounding areas, the city houses numerous large roads and highways, including the Pan-American Freeway, Alameda Boulevard, Paseo del Norte, and more. These roads, and others, are critical for not only transporting people, but also for ensuring that goods and products, which are transported by 18-wheelers and semi-trucks, can be delivered, as well.

While large trucks are critical for the economy, big rigs can also be dangerous, especially when congestion levels are high. If you are involved in an accident with a big rig in Albuquerque, you need a skilled attorney on your side who can help you to recover compensation for your losses. The Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr. can help.

How 18-Wheeler Accidents Happen

18-wheeler and semi-truck accidents almost always occur because of the negligence of an involved party; they rarely are the result of things like bad weather or an animal in the road. Instead, most large truck collisions occur because of:

  • Driver error : Including falling asleep at the wheel, driving too fast for conditions, driving while intoxicated, failing to follow hour of service requirements, driving while fatigued, or driving while distracted.

  • Third-party driver error : The truck driver is not always to blame; sometimes, smaller vehicles are responsible for large truck collisions. This may occur when a vehicle follows too closely, cuts in front of a large truck, or drives in a large truck‚Äôs blind spot.

  • Vehicle defect and cargo problem: Including defective brakes, tires, or engine parts, or a shift in cargo.

Getting to the bottom of why a truck accident happened is critical for recovering damages. Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case to get to the bottom of what happened and who should be held liable.

An Accident with a Big Truck can Change Your Life

An accident with a big rig is not like an accident with a smaller passenger car; large truck collisions are almost always more severe. An accident with an 18-wheeler or semi-truck may change your life and leave you permanently disabled, dealing with high medical bills, unable to work, or/and suffering physically and emotionally. These accidents are commonly devastating, and those involved and their family members are often unsure of how to deal with the aftermath.

An Albuquerque Truck Accident Lawyer can Help

At The Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr., our skilled Albuquerque truck accident attorney is empathetic to your situation and knows how badly you deserve to be compensated for the losses you have suffered. Attorney Ed Chavez is passionate about representing those who have been seriously injured in large truck accidents and has the knowledge and skill set that your case requires.

If you are harmed in a truck accident or if you lose a loved one, please call our law firm today. A consultation with our truck accident lawyer is free of charge, and our lawyer always works on a contingency fee basis. Call us today or send us a message to request more information.