It is a fundamental part of our country: Individuals are entitled to equal protection under the law. Wealthy and poor, black and white, young and old — we all have constitutional rights. Yet it seems that more and more often in New Mexico, the institutions and organizations charged with upholding our civil rights are, instead, violating them. Schools, police unions, welfare agencies and other government affiliates are frequently under investigation for civil rights infractions.

The most flagrant incidents tend to arise from encounters with police. Too often, individuals are subjected to baseless investigations and arrests, privacy infringements, and physical violence at the hands of our state's officers. Following such incidents, many feel they have nowhere to turn — if they cannot trust the police to protect them, who can they trust?

The Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr., assists individuals in Albuquerque and the surrounding region who have had their civil rights violated. We are committed to holding our government institutions responsible for the safety of our citizens, and we pursue financial compensation for our clients when their rights have been infringed.

A Legacy Of Service In Albuquerque And Beyond

Principal attorney Ed Chavez is dedicated to protecting individuals throughout the state. He was born in New Mexico and has practiced law in Bernalillo County for more than 30 years. He is a mainstay of the local community and served as a policy analyst for the City Counsel for five years. It is his goal to keep his neighbors and fellow community members safe.

As a lawyer, he is unafraid to pursue cases against the local government. On behalf of his clients, he has filed claims against police departments and local municipalities, in matters stemming from false arrests, police brutality and more.

His intent is to obtain financial damages for his clients. While most claims settle out of court, Ed will always prepare to fight for his clients at trial. He works on contingency in civil rights matters and will not take payment until his clients have obtained compensation.

Get The Representation — And The Settlement — You Need

To discuss your case with Ed, call his offices at (505) 243-5900. You may also arrange a free consultation through his online form. Se habla español.