Dedicated To Serving New Mexico's Communities

Ed Chavez is committed to serving individuals in Albuquerque and the surrounding region when they require legal assistance. He was born in the area and has practiced law in Bernalillo County and throughout New Mexico for more than 30 years.

An active citizen, Ed spent five years on the Albuquerque City Council as a policy analyst. He knows the local institutions and jurisdictions. He is invested in the local community and dedicated to helping his neighbors when they need an lawyer.

    Experienced Guidance In A Range Of Legal Matters

    Ed's practice is built on the concept of protection. His mission is to support and defend his clients. To this end, he offers a wide range of services, including:

    • Assistance in matters of personal injury - In cases of personal injury and wrongful death, Ed has collected millions of dollars in damages on behalf of his clients. He negotiates fiercely with insurers and opposing attorneys. If a settlement is unattainable, he will always be prepared to advocate for his clients in court.
    • Aggressive criminal defense representation - To be charged with a crime in New Mexico is an ordeal. Individuals face imprisonment, substantial fines and damage to their reputations. Over the years, Ed Chavez has developed a record of success as a criminal defense attorney, earning acquittals against all manner of charges, including murder, sex crimes, burglary and DWI.
    • Safeguarding civil rights - Many individuals suffer violations of their civil rights. They withstand police brutality. They may be arrested under false premises. They are treated unfairly in school or in court. If this occurs, individuals may be entitled to compensation from the offending institution. Ed is unafraid to challenge police departments, municipalities and other establishments that have infringed on the rights of local community members.

    Protecting Individuals Throughout The State

    If you need assistance in a legal matter, schedule a consultation to learn how the Law Offices of Edward Chavez, Jr., can be of assistance. You can call us at (505) 243-5900 or arrange an appointment online.

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